17 August 2011

Fruit Crumble Biscuits (Weight Watchers) [By @Cinabar]

Sometimes it’s nice to have a healthy snack, particularly if it is tasty too. I think these new Weight Watchers biscuits fit nicely into that category. They are ‘Crumble biscuits’ which are quite big, enough to be individually packaged. They are pretty biscuits, each with a nice thin wide base, filled with an appropriate jam and sprinkled with a crumble. The filling is pleasingly sticky, and works well with the texture of the base biscuit, which gave easily. The two varieties are:

Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry
This is the red biscuit. It has loads of strong zesty berry flavour, but was predominantly raspberry in taste. The fruit complemented the sweet biscuit base and turned it into a sort of Jammie Dodger flavour.

Apple, Apricot & Peach
This biscuit was orange in colour, and had a slightly tropical taste despite the ingredients. The main flavour was the peach sweetened by the apple. As a whole it gave a fresh fruity taste, that worked well as a biscuit and it was really enjoyable combination.

Both flavours are really tasty, with vibrant fruit flavours and feel like a proper treat. Any reduction in calories is a bonus, and I found them perfect for taking to work to suffice the afternoon sugar craving.
By Cinabar

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