15 August 2011

Bettys Handmade Chocolate Selection (Bettys, York) (By @Cinabar)

My brother lives in Yorkshire and very kindly picked up this box of goodies for me to try. These chocolates are very traditional, and have a lovely elegant box, with a lady in classical dress. The varieties of the chocolates inside are also very classical, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in:

Blackcurrant Ganache Truffle – This was a milk chocolate, decorated with dark and filled with a thick fruit cream. The blackcurrant was zingy and tart, delivering a refreshing natural blackcurrant taste, softened by the sweet chocolate.
Vanilla Caramel Heart – There was a dark chocolate case, filled with a thick caramel liquid. The chocolate was quite thin, but the bitter tones still balanced the warm sugary caramel centre. The natural hints of vanilla really set this off.
Piedmont Hazelnut Praline – This chocolate was the prettiest one in the box, and had an elegant curved shape. The rich praline was very flavoursome, and the hazelnut shone through. I liked the fact there were crispy pieces mixed in, which broke up the texture really well and gave these a good edge.
Violet Cream – When it comes to classical British chocolates the Violet Cream has to be the centre piece. The rich dark chocolate worked perfectly with the thick perfumed cream within. The flavour was wonderfully sweet and floral. I could honestly have eaten a whole box of just these. The rich chocolate and sweet violet flavours were absolutely fantastic.
Rose Cream – These chocolates were very sweet and had a lovely exotic cream filling. The flavours are similar to that of Turkish Delight, with a gentler softer taste than the floral Violet Cream.

These chocolates were beautifully presented in an elegant box. The packaging was so smart I actually kept it as keepsake box. The chocolate selection within were a well thought through selection with some very traditional chocolates. Each chocolate was well balanced and had a good flavour, they were an absolute treat. It is a very elegant gift box, and I loved them. Big thanks to my brother and family for picking them up, it’s much appreciated.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

Liz these look and sound absolutely brilliant. I think I might try get hold of some myself now.

The box and the chocolates look so classy

cinabar said...

They were fab. The violet creams were my faves, just spot on. If you are in Yorkshire Betty's itself is an experience, have you ever been? Cakes to die for! http://www.bettys.co.uk/