12 August 2011

Sour Cream Hula Hoops (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

Earlier in the week I wrote about the new Sweet Chilli Hula Hoops that have been brought out. These were one of two new flavours, the second one being this Sour Cream variety. I suppose Sour Cream is one of those flavours that is becoming more and more popular, so having it as a Hula Hoops flavour isn’t that surprising. What is surprising is that it hasn’t been done before, and it is a little disappointing the flavour isn’t a bit more unique. It isn’t a Limited Edition though, these are a new addition to the range, so I guess they are playing it safe.
I opened the bag and discovered the potato hoops had a light onion fragrance, and did smell rather appealing. I tucked in and as much I love the crunchy texture of the hoops, the flavour itself wasn’t all that impressive. It did have a decent chive/onion taste, with a creamy edge and certainly met the standard of ‘nice’ with no problem at all. It did everything you would hope of a sour cream taste, it just was quite mild. I enjoyed the bag, and will happily much my way through the other bags in the multi-pack. The thing was I felt the overall flavour was lacking that bit of magic. I think this was down to the strength of the flavour as it was milder than others, and it was lacking a moreish tang. By all means not a bad pack of crisps, but I’ll be more likely to go for a repeat purchase of the Sweet Chilli ones than these.
By Cinabar

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