11 August 2011

Popping Candy Chocolate Spread (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

I am not ashamed by the fact that the words ‘popping candy’ make me happy. I know they are the Marmite of the sweet world, but I personally love that crackle in the mouth feeling. I have seen popping candy sweets, and chocolate, but this is a first on me – popping candy spread. The major ingredient is actually chocolate with a hint of hazelnut, but there are notable light coloured crystals showing where the popping candy is hiding.
I made some toast, and started to spread the chocolaty substance on to it. As I was doing this there was the occasional sporadic popping noise as I accidentally crushed a crystal into the chocolate spread – ace! The flavour of the chocolate spread is sweet, but it has a good strong chocolate taste and a nice hint of hazelnut as an aftertaste. It has a smooth flavour, rich and tasty and perfect on toast. The best part of it is the popping candy, and the more you munch the more there is the fizzing, popping and crackling noise in your mouth. I loved it, how can this not make you smile while you eat. Lovely sweet chocolate and chunks of exploding candy, it is just fabulous fun in a jar. I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you are still a kid at heart! :-)
By Cinabar


Rob said...

:-O I need a Sainsburys, stat!

cinabar said...

Apparently there is a new coconut and chocolate spread there too - trying to find myself a jar! :-)