21 August 2011

Walkers Sensations: Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle [@walkers_crisps] (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

I do love spicy crisps, so have been desperately trying to track these down since I first heard about them a week ago. I particularly like Mexican spice, so the flavour combination seemed perfect for me.
The crisps were really aromatic when I opened the bag, with a good scent of spices and herbs. The flavour wasn’t quite what I was expecting, as they started off with quite a sweet edge. This then mellowed to a rustic smoky flavour, and then a final kick of chilli heat. I loved the way the flavours developed and changed as they were eaten, and the heat from the chilli was at a good level too. It had a good strong taste, and the tingle built up pleasantly while I munched. It was certainly not enough to be offensive, but it was enough to give them a moreish heat.
I loved these crisps, a good mix of tastes and flavour and they make a lovely change from the standard sweet chilli crisps. There is also another new flavour out in the range called ‘Smoked Monterrey Chilli with Goats Cheese’, I’m not a big fan of goat’s cheese, but I’m still looking forward to tracking them down and trying them out.
By Cinabar


Possible Piper said...

I like these, but the Smoked Monterey Chilli with Goat's Cheese is better IMO.

cinabar said...

Excellent - just got a bag of those- so will be trying them very soon :-)

Anonymous said...

I am a crispacolic and these are the dogs bollocks. Just amazing one of the best flavours I have ever tasted.

cinabar said...

Have you tried the goats cheese one too? Surprisingly good :-)