25 August 2011

Rolo Biscuits (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

When is a biscuit not a biscuit? What does the phrase biscuit actually refer to? Let’s take a chocolate digestive and think about this... Is the chocolate on the digestive part of the biscuit? Or is it just the base that is the biscuit and the chocolate is a topping on it?
I’m afraid these Rolo “biscuits” put these strange thoughts into my head, as the more I look at them I can’t quite understand the name. Giant Rolo With Biscuit Pieces would be less catchy, but more appropriate! This isn’t the first product I’ve seen where I’ve questioned biscuit credentials, Aero Biscuits I’m looking at you.
Inside the pack are 6 individually wrapped giant Rolos, all with added biscuit pieces in the caramel. The chocolate is wonderful and thick, and the caramel oozes its sweet flavour pleasantly when you bite in and bursts out of the chocolate. There is a crunch from the biscuit, I won’t deny that, but it is gentle as there aren’t that many bits. There is no layer of biscuit though this which I found disappointing given the product name. The biscuit pieces flavour was also quite overpowered by all that yummy rich caramel, which was again a bit of shame. So what we have is some lovely flavours from the Rolo Chocolate and caramel, but only a minor biscuit appearance.
So if you like Rolos and fancy the giant Rolo experience these are fabulous, and provide a wonderful chocolate treat. If you were looking for the sort of biscuit you can dunk in a coffee, stop right there, these would mostly melt away.
By Cinabar


  1. Yeh to call these biscuits seems a bit iffy..more rolo with biscuit pieces..

  2. No, this is not a biscuit, it doesn't look like a biscuit. Those little pieces under the caramel layer aren't enough.

    But it looks so nice, especially the caramel part...

  3. Seems to me it is their (Rolo and Aero) company's slightly unethical strategy to attract sales to young people as being "biscuits" can be their excuse for buying chocolate instead of what we normally consider as real biscuits.

  4. More importantly does anyone find the TV advert really wierd??? The mom doesnt say a word, in the opening fame with the football boots there is someone in the background wearing blac, the boy desnt have a football shirt on, the pics on the fridge are from a much younger child, the rolo wouldnt roll in a straight line and whats with the girl coming home...what does it all mean...aaarrgghh! Help.

  5. I haven't seen the advert - but will keep an eye out for it.


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