4 August 2011

Mr Men – Mr Happy & Friends Sweets (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

I spotted these as I was leaving Tesco, as they were by the newsagent section, and made sure I purchased a bag before I left. There are actually a few themed Mr Men sweets but who could resist Mr Happy as a first try. The sweets are jellies, which all have a soft foam base.
They are called Mr Happy & Friends, but Mr Happy’s friends look just like him – except being different colours. I’m not sure they are characters from the books... but by all means correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below.

The contents of the bag:

Yellow (aka Mr Happy) – these ones were sweet, with a very mild citrus taste. There is no zingy lemon here, more a very sweet lemonade flavour.
Pink – This variety was probably the mildest in the bag, it had aspects of berry, but I couldn’t specify which fruit. I’d guess raspberry, but I wouldn’t put money one.
Red – This one had a light strawberry taste which was sweet and enjoyable.
Green - This was the strongest taste in the bag, and my favourite. It had a good defined apple taste, which was sweet and tasty.
Orange – Although mild, this was definitely orange. It was a sweet citrus flavour and almost honey like, very nice.

Each of the sweets have a nice texture, soft, but still with a decent amount of chew. The flavours are gentle, but easy going and still surprisingly moreish. I liked them and recommend them, particularly if you are fan of the books as they are a lovely tie in.
By Cinabar


Dreich said...

I seen these a few months ago and tried the little miss sunshine ones, they were quite nice.

cinabar said...

Yes, nice soft sweet jellies - quite a few different ones too - I saw little miss chatterbox and a few others as well.

Anonymous said...

I tried the Mr Tickle ones and unfortunately experienced an allergic reaction to include increased heart rate, breathlessness, stomach cramps and an upset stomach, checked the ingredients which include elderberry, then googled allergic reactions to elderberry and up came my symptoms. Although I believe this is rare, I think it should be state more clearly on the labelling.

cinabar said...

It is really difficult for companies to list everything that may / or may not trigger a reaction. Obviously the common triggers get prominent pride of place, but people are so different.
I actually find that ginseng triggers migraines for me. I have had an energy drink that hasn't mentioned anything of the front of the can, and then afterwards when I started to get the symptoms of migraine I checked the ingredients and ginseng was right there. I felt like I had been poisoned, but I just learn to read all the labels now. Especially reviewing weird things on here! ;-)