29 August 2011

Walkers Sensations: Smoked Monterrey Chilli With Goats Cheese [@walkers_crisps] (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

If I am totally honest, the concept of goat’s cheese brings me mixed emotions. I am quite adventurous with cheese, but I’ve been a bit hit and miss in the past with goat’s cheese. I was still intrigued by its inclusion as a crisp flavour, as crisps regularly end up with a very generic cheese taste usually not even bothering to declare an actual variety. It is really nice to see Walkers trying something a bit different and with the inclusion of some chilli I felt that this could really be a success. This is the second of two new flavours, the previous one being already written up: Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle
The crisps have a lovely rich flavour to them. There is a good sweetness from what tastes like regular red peppers, a lovely hit of smokiness and an aftertaste of goats cheese. Amazingly the goats cheese flavour was spot on, creamy but fragrant. It does have the distinctive musty air of goat’s cheese, but it isn’t overpowering and does bring balance to the sweet pepper. There is chilli present here too, but it is a warmth with a decent tingle on the tongue. It’s thankfully not the kind of heat which distracts from the other ingredients, far from it, it enhances them and gives these crisps an extra depth of flavour. These new crisps from Walkers really do match the description, and I’m so impressed that the goat’s cheese was properly distinguishable. Posh but tasty crisps, and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
By @cinabar


Anonymous said...

I'd love to try them:)

cinabar said...

Have to admit it is a bit of a curious idea using goats cheese, but it did really work. :-)

Claire said...

I love them. They are especially good with caramelised onion hummus. Have already bought another pack.