27 August 2011

[New UK Product] Twirl Bites (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

It seems sharing bags are popular at the minute and Cadbury are expanding their range with another new one, this time: Twirl Bites.
Effectively Cadbury have created small chunks of Twirl bars and packaged them up for sharing. Twirls are thin folds of chocolate layered in a bar, which has then been dipped in chocolate. The insides aren’t dissimilar to Cadbury Flakes, and I’ve always felt the two products are surprisingly similar. The only ingredient in these Twirl Bites is chocolate, and it is the variety form Cadbury that I associate with Flake, i.e. not quite Dairy Milk as it has a touch less creaminess and hint more bitterness about it (rather like an Irish Dairy Milk).
The chocolate chunks aren’t very neat, and do vary in shape a little but I don’t suppose this matters. They are a little crumbly but as you eat them whole they aren’t too messy. The pieces are easy to eat, and I think they will be a big success because of their simplicity. It may only be chocolate but the texture is playful enough to make it a worthy purchase to be shared amongst even fussy friends.
By Cinabar

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