6 August 2011

Liefman's – Fruitesse (Waitrose) [By @Spectre]

Liefman's of Belgium have been brewing this fruit beer since 1679, so I’m surprised Cinabar hasn’t found it to torture me with before now. The beer is a mix of strawberry, cherry, raspberry, dilberry, elderberry, and Barley Malt. Sounds like hell in a 250ml bottle. To back that statement up this beer is dark blood red in colour. It contains 15% fruit and is quite a strong beer at 4.2% volume. I dared myself to open it one night, knowing some other fruit beer would be discovered to take its place in the fridge once I’d drunk it.

In the past I’ve pointed out the taste of certain fruit beers could be considered as “child friendly” as they can be too easy to drink, having a pure fruit taste with no real flavour of actual beer. This beer is no exception, as it tastes more like a bitter fruit pop. I couldn’t really pick out any particular dominant fruit as they are all mixed very well together. I’m sure Cinabar would have enjoyed this drink, but I must confess that it was so small and so easy to drink that the beer had gone before I could share it. I must be getting used to these fruit beers, as they’re becoming less distasteful the more I drink them (note to Editor: Cinabar, that’s not a request for more fruit beer). This would make a good fruit pudding beer that would go well with some sort of fruit pie or chocolate gateaux. Failing that, it could be palmed off to the Mrs to keep her happy for a while…
By Spectre

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