28 August 2011

[New UK Product] Mars Triple Choc [Limited Edition] (Boots) [By @Cinabar]

If you ever had a Mars bar and felt that it didn’t satisfy your chocolate craving I think most people would be surprised. The Mars bar is a very chocolaty experience as it is, but Mars thought they could bring a little more chocolate to the party. This new Mars Triple Choc is a limited edition bar in which they have decided to try and add a bit more chocolate, for those that thought it was lacking. It is new to Britain, but it is a bar that has actually been available in Australia for a little while now, however this is my first experience of it. In addition to the chocolate shell, the new Mars now has chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel making up its triple chocolate credentials.
I bit in and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Firstly the textures are near identical to a regular a Mars, which was good as it kept the bar nicely within its branding and made it feel right.
The chocolate caramel was rich, there were tones of brown sugar, but mostly it had the sticky gooey feel of a really good chocolate sauce. The nougat was a little darker in colour than a regular mars, and that too had a good cocoa taste that still had a nice hint of sweet nougat about it. Altogether there is a good mix of textures and the taste still retains a good amount of the original flavours but with an extra helping of chocolate. I really liked the bar, it was still clearly a Mars, but had a nice chocolate twist about it.
The new Mars Triple Choc is incredibly indulgent, and really is every chocoholics dream. The flavours are rich and the bar made a wonderful alternative to a regular Mars, it’s definitely one I’ll picking up again - yum. :-)
By Cinabar


LPATRI11 said...

I picked up one of these yesterday and can't wait to try it now after your review - looks delicious - esp to a Mars bar lover! I do wish Mars would try some more variations on the Mars bar - wouldn't white chocolate or just caramel (which is available in the US) be a great addition!

Paulham said...

Sorry. This is perhaps the worst Mars product I have ever tasted.
Do yourself a favour and buy a Milky Way (American style) and contrast the rich flavours that Mars UK took out of their products a long time ago.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Gonna buy this next time I go out shopping, really wanna see what its like..it intrigues me!

louise said...

Remember the dark and light mars of yesteryear? Bring those back instead of this!

Paulham said...


Fourth one down.

Ana said...

I don't find the regular Mars (or similar bars) a very chocolaty experience. There's just the chocolate shell (and it's not even great chocolate) which isn't enough for a truly chocolaty experience in my view. I don't like the Mars nougat layer and the caramel... isn't my kind of caramel.

So this bar sounds like something that might correct some of the things that I don't like about the regular bars.