23 August 2011

Cadbury Boost Cake Bars (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

There are quite a few individual Cadbury’s cakes out at the minute, from mini rolls to Cadbury’s Caramel cakes. This is the newest in the range, and is based on the long standing Boost chocolate bar.
I have to say the Boost cake bar does seem to have an intricate sounding set of ingredients from the pack, from sponge, fondant wrapped in caramel, biscuit pieces to the chocolate coating!
I unwrapped the first cake and have to say it didn’t look that impressive, but when I broke it in half, the insides looked really interesting. I took a bite, and the first thing I noticed was just how substantial the bar felt. I assume that this was down to the fondant being thicker than most of those used in cake bars. I liked the caramel wrapped around the fondant too as it added a lovely rich sugary flavour to the bar and a sticky element. The biscuit pieces were within the chocolate fondant cream, and although there weren’t that many they did add a lovely crunch which broke up the consistency further. The soft sponge and chocolate coating added a wonderful rich chocolate flavour as well as also adding to the complex collection of textures.
These cake bars are really nice; they are sweet, interesting and more substantial than a lot of the cake bars out there. In summary these are my current favourite variety of cake bar, and they are an absolutely brilliant addition to the Cadbury range.
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

Oh dear I don't think I will be trying one of these despite your lovely description! Look far too sickly!!

cinabar said...

I do have a very high tolerance for all things sweet ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got some of these today and can confirm they are the best of the cadbury cake bars but a non-trivial margin.

I also agree that they have not put enough biscuit in the fondant to accurately recreate a genuine boost experience, and for that they will surely burn in hell.