4 September 2012

Angel Delight Ice Cream – Butterscotch Edition (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I love Angel Delight. On the off chance you haven’t heard of it, it’s an instant whip dessert, you add milk, whisk and pop it in the fridge and then you have mousse. I remember the stuff from my childhood, and still have it as a treat now as a quick pudding. It fills me with nostalgia. Although they have created limited edition whips in the past (anyone remember popcorn flavour or even blackcurrant?) this new product is a whole new market for them.
This is almost instant ice cream. I’m not going to say it is ‘instant’ because you do need to leave it in the freezer for at least four hours, but it is certainly a heck of a lot easier than other methodologies. There is no need for an ice cream maker, no need to remove the ice cream from the freezer at regular intervals to re-mix, just a simple set of instructions. Add milk to a bowl, add the Angel Delight ice cream powder and whisk (with an electric whisk) for five minutes. It emphasises the need to use an electric whisk to make sure you get the right texture at the end. The mixture doubles in size in the bowl as you whip it up so that helps to tell you when it’s ready too. At this point you stir in any extra ingredients or flavourings or sauces you fancy. I had a packet of ice cream sprinkles in the cupboard, which had two ingredients I thought would mix in nicely, mini fudge pieces and cinder toffee pieces. I emptied both of these sprinkles into the bowl and gave it a good stir to make sure they were evenly distributed. I choose not to add any sauce as the base flavour of this ice cream is butterscotch, and I wanted to experience that without any other distractions. Then that’s it, all you do is pour the mixture into a suitable freezer safe container and wait four hours for it to become ice cream. Then all that’s left to do is to eat it.

The final ice cream wasn’t a soft scoop, so I left it a few minutes before scooping it out of the container. It was a rich caramel in colour, and the extra bits I’ve added looked quite smart scattered inside the dessert.
I have to say I was totally impressed by the taste of the ice cream. The butterscotch base flavour was lovely and rich, and full of brown sugary goodness. If you like the regular Angel Delight in butterscotch you won’t be disappointed! Most impressive though was the texture of the ice cream. It was absolutely perfect. It was thick, but soft and creamy and it melted wonderfully on the tongue. I have to say the texture and flavour tasted like proper shop bought ice cream. With the addition of some creative toppings this could easily be up there with Ben and Jerry’s, but it’s even more fun to do it yourself. Think crumbled Oreos in or caramel sauce drizzled throughout, or crushed up Crunchie bar pieces. The possibilities are endless! Wow!
The Angel Delight reviewed was for the Butterscotch version, but I have also purchased a sachet of their other flavour Vanilla. My dad is a keen beekeeper, and as such I do have plenty of honey to hand. I think I will mix the next Angel Delight Vanilla Ice Cream up rippled through with runny honey! I just love that making ice cream has become so simple, and am looking forward to experimenting with some different flavours. This could be product of the year for me!
By Cinabar


bob said...

This is something out of my dreams!!
I love Angel Delight as well. It's readily available on this side of the pond and along with Bird's original custard, something that HAS to be in my cupboard at all times.
Cinder Toffee is a good idea. A few crushed Bourbon biscuits, perhaps.
Almonds, maybe?

Rodzilla said...

did it remain icy or were you able to take actual scoops after it thawed for a bit?

cinabar said...

Well I've been back to the supermarket today and they now have strawberry and chocolate angel delight ice cream - going to have to get imaginative!

And I an confirm that after if thawed a little it was perfect - lovely fluffy ice cream. :-)

Anonymous said...

after discovering this in tesco.last week i bought the strawberry to try i made it and added raspberry jam and have to say it tasted ike a luxury expensive ice cream. i have now bought the vanilla and my six year old made it and added crushed smarties. this was also delicious. tomorrow we are going to try the butterscotch. i will never buy shop bought ice cream again

cinabar said...

I know exactly what you mean. We have tried so many fab combinations - it really is a superb product - so much fun.