17 September 2012

Chocolate Tea (Tesco Finest) [By @Cinabar]

Chocolate tea sounds at first like a bit of strange concept, like a mix between hot drinks that shouldn’t happen. Oddly enough though the flavours work surprisingly well together. This tea from Tesco is essentially a mix of standard black tea, vanilla and cocoa. The tea bags smells quite sweet from the vanilla, but I still added my customary spoon of sugar before adding the boiling water. Once brewed it was a dark fragrant liquid, so I added a splash of milk to help smooth it.
Despite the name of this tea it was really vanilla flavoured not chocolate. The gentle golden tones of vanilla shone through more than anything else, followed by a blast of refreshing sweet black tea and then the gentle after taste of chocolate. It is a proper soothing sweet milky drink. I don’t think the chocolate is rich enough to warrant he name on the packet, but I still loved the flavour combination that the tea creates. I felt that the sugar enhanced the vanilla, as I am used to the flavour being sweet. I thought this made a fab cup of tea. It has enough black tea in it so that it doesn’t lose it refreshing nature, but the vanilla gave the cup a lovely comforting edge. It doesn’t have enough cocoa in to make it an alternative to hot chocolate, but it is still worth giving a try as the combination it does have creates a lovely smooth sweet comforting taste.
By Cinabar


bob said...

For about three seconds, this idea sounded weird to me, until I realised how good tea tastes after a few choccie digestives have been dunked in it.

Grocery Gems said...

Great find! I love hot drinks with vanilla so I'll definitely give this a go. I probably would have overlooked it because the name "chocolate tea" doesn't sound too good.

Willow92 said...

I love Chocolate Tea, I drink this way more than normal tea :)

cinabar said...

I do think it need the sugar though - just to really bring out the flavour :-)