7 September 2012

NEW Kit Kat Cookies and Cream UK Edition (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

There is a new UK Kit Kat flavour!! It’s not often we are treated to new British Kit Kats, so I was naturally quite excited! Now just to clarify this shouldn’t be mixed up with the import Chunkie Cookies and Cream, as this is quite a different bar from that.
This new Kit Kat comes in a multiple pack of eight bars, each with two fingers. If you are calorie counting you will be pleased to hear that each serving has just 107 calories, which make it a very acceptable treat.
The Kit Kat fingers in this bar are very pretty. The lower half of them is milk chocolate, but the top of the bar is white, and adds the cookies and cream flavour. I’m afraid if you were expecting a cookie base in the Kit Kat, you’ll be disappointed. The Kit Kat contains the usual wafer within it, and the cookies aspect comes purely from the flavour of the coating.
These new Kit Kat bars are sweet, very sweet in fact. The cookies and cream flavour add an extra buttery, biscuit and sweetness to the Kit Kat fingers, which are already packing the usually sweet milk chocolate and wafer. I like the baked taste of biscuits that was incorporated into the bar, but the richness of the flavour meant that the two stick serving was just enough. I had mine with a cup of coffee which helped to contrast the taste. I liked these Kit Kats as they were something a bit different. The flavour is good as it mixes a biscuit taste with a wafer finish. I love the look of them too, the two tone bar looks rather impressive. They also managed to perfectly fend off an afternoon chocolate craving, without being too high in calories. So all in all these get a thumbs up from me. I should say as a disclaimer though that I do have a remarkably sweet tooth! ;-)
By Cinabar


Melanie said...

I wish I could try it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are now available from indies, in a 5 x twin pack