15 September 2012

Ghirardelli Dark & Raspberry Chocolate [Germany] (By @cinabar)

This is one of those bars that my dad picked up for me while in Germany. It’s a dark chocolate bar, with a raspberry filling. When I opened up the bar and had a look at the chocolate, I realised that it was one of the few items that looked better unwrapped than it is pictured on the packaging. The bar look very smart, the very dark colour chocolate looked appealing, and the beautifully moulded chunks all showed the detail of the logo on them perfectly. The filling inside was thick, gooey and a vibrant pink colour that contrasted with the dark chocolate flawlessly. In short, it’s a well made good looking bar.
Obviously though “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, as my mum always says. I broke myself a chunk off and the chocolate snapped really well with a nice firm click sound. The taste was different to what I was expecting, I thought it would be quite an intense bar, but it was actually quite mellow. The chocolate was full flavoured, but not overly sweet or bitter, just a good mix of dark cocoa and a light sweet aftertaste. The centre was a fragrant raspberry, but again it wasn’t sharp or overpowering. The fruit and dark chocolate mixed together in a delicate way, that made you appreciate all the ingredients fully. The chocolate was firm but the filling soft and so the textures contrasted one another too. The bar has definitely been designed with the mature palate in mind, and its tantalising flavours just interacting with each other perfectly. I loved this bar, it makes you savour every mouthful.
By cinabar


Anonymous said...

Yum I love Ghiradelli & make sure I pick up a bar or two whenever I'm in the USA this one included along with peanut butter, shame it's not available over here

bob said...

Definitely an American import, by way of Germany you've got there, Cinnabar.
Very good choc, it is. :-)