22 September 2012

Angry Birds Space Fruit Gummies [By @SpectreUK]

I’m a big fan of Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment. I’ve played most of the games so far and have recently been working my way through Angry Birds Space. So I was pretty enthused when I saw this 99g box of Angry Birds Space Fruit Gummies placed in my Foodstufffinds in-tray. These gummies were distributed by Commack, New York and manufactured in Mexico. Each serving was suggested at 40g, which was 13 pieces, having 120 calories, and 15mg of sugar. Made with real fruit juice, the ingredients were nut free, gluten free, and fat free, and included; white grape juice, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavour, FD&C, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Red 3 and carnauba wax. The colours and numbers in the ingredients confused me a little and didn’t sound “real” at all. I’m also a big fan of being able to name the actual ingredients in the things I eat, rather than “E” numbers, or weird code words spoken in corridors of sweet laboratories in hushed conversations.

There were six flavours, with six shapes, one shape per flavour. The shapes weren’t exactly great as many of them were a little mangled, but mostly recognisable from the Angry Birds game, having said that the shapes weren’t themed to the space game specifically. Red colour was cherry flavour, which tasted a little bit like a cherry jelly bean. Yellow colour was lemon flavour, which was the best shaped bird and had the most realistic flavour with a zesty lemon sour tang. Raspberry flavour was blue in colour and tasted more like a raspberry concocted in the same laboratory deep underneath the sweet factory that the lab rats had concocted the weird sounding codes for some of the ingredients. Purple colour was supposed to be grape flavour, but followed suit after the raspberry spooky secret lab flavour. Green colour was my favourite green pig character and tasted a little like an apple and wasn’t unpleasant. The other red colour (yes, two reds, pot luck on the flavour until I got used to the shape of the Angry Bird) was supposed to be strawberry, but I had to imagine really hard that it could be strawberry whilst I was eating it. As I mentioned before, some of these Angry Bird gummies looked a little like they’d already been catapulted towards green pigs behind barriers, but they were fun shapes to play with whilst I ate them. They made me feel young, which is the whole reason to eat sweets in the first place, especially when you start to get a little old and long in the tooth! That’s the same reason I play the game on the phone, I guess. Fortunately I was in the office on my own when I started chucking these gummy Angry Birds around before gobbling them down; otherwise I could have had someone’s eye out, or at least knocked off a few green pigs if I had been a decent shot!
By Spectre

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