16 September 2012

OKF Aloe Vera King - Natural Strawberry & Natural Pomegranate (K K MART- Bromsgrove)

OKF Aloe Vera King - Natural Strawberry & Natural Pomegranate (K K MART - Bromsgrove) by NLi10

I'm out at Silverstone today, at a Ferrari race day. This is an odd thing to occur as although Formula 1 is my favourite sport Ferrari is my least favourite team. Free tickets and days out with friends are always good things though so I thought it a good opportunity to try a few of the things I picked up yesterday at KK Mart.

First up we have a twist on the normal Aloe Vera drink. This one is the Korean Aloe Vera king variety and is flavoured with natural strawberries. It's a lot sweeter than I expected and still has a nice fresh base flavour underneath and those little slithers of flesh floating in the drink. I enjoyed this a lot and it certainly refreshed even though a hot drink would have been nice in the overcast windy conditions.

Next up was the Pomegranate flavour of the same drink. This was less sweet, but not identifiably pomegranate flavour, maybe grape ish? I think I've been spoilt by the powerful flavours of other drinks and this was merely nice compared to the lovely strawberry.

I'd then put the Strawberry variety on pole position, although it may not be ideal for podium celebrations...


[{(wandering-girl)}] said...

Can I take a guess? McLaren?

NLi10 said...

I'm more driver affiliated to be honest, but as my favourite driver is now at Red Bull (Webber) I do back them most.

The only F1 merchandise I own is a Minardi team shirt (which I was wearing on the day - Mark's first team) and a Jaguar fleece (which I was wearing on top of it as Silverstone is bleeding cold...).