2 September 2012

Godis Gula Snoren (toffee flavour laces) (IKEA FOOD) by @NLi10

Mandeville and I are at the Paralympics today and how better to survive the crowds and prices than to bring your own snack food. Before we go in to see the GoalBall (a sport that is played blindfolded so requires crowd silence) I thought I'd share a few words on one of them.

My partner gave me a couple of things from Ikea's food section after a recent visit. I tend to avoid Ikea due to the crowds and the perfectly valid online store, but miss out on little treats like this. Candy laces are usually fruit flavoured but this version is toffee flavour.

The packet is an effort to get into and doing so unleashes a powerful toffee smell which put off a few people and was much stronger and sweeter than I'd expected. The laces are not as chewy as I'd expected and are nicely dry. The flavour is pretty much toffee apple toffee and not as sweet (or as chewy) as my brain expected. There seem a lot in the package and I think I'll need a drink to make it to the end in one siting and will so have to keep them for more days.

As a pick me up they are a nice addition to the bag, they will be smelly for a few people but sure I can offer them a lace to share in the Paralympic spirit.

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