27 September 2012

Morrison's Tomato & Herb Pasta Bowl by @NLi10

Morrison's Tomato & Herb Pasta Bowl by @NLi10

I bought this to use at lunch one day to try and save a bit of money and add variety to the sandwich bar that I live on at work (£2 for a wrap or £2.25 for a hot Panini isn't too bad though).  I failed to appreciate that 65g of pasta is very much a snack and not a full meal, but I'll mainly talk about the actual stuff and not that it was a mini portion.  In fairness it does say snack on the packet too. Grumble grumble.

Compared to the mighty Pot Noodle (market leader I presume), and the various noodle pots from Oriental Grocery stores this is a slightly different take.  With actual pasta, and actual tomato sauces this isn't too far from one of those Bachelor packets of pasta I used to eat at Uni.  It is however able to be made from the water heater at work, which is the perfect temperature for coffee but too cold for good tea.  This means that this is a very quick to 'make' lunch and leaves maximum time for playing cards, talking toot and staring at smart-phones.

As far as the quality goes, the sauce is oddly powdery but mixes in well to become thicker than a typical pot snack.  The flavour isn't special but it is certainly tomato and herb.  The pasta is fairly slight to make sure it goes soft in time to eat, but still retains enough texture to eat happily.

I may pick this up again, but with a bag of crisps or something to go with it if it is to become a meal.


Paulham said...

Good God!
If you guys live on the products you test, you all must have scurvy.

You need to test some proper fruit and veg.

bob said...

I wouldn't be able to resist the urge to have this on toast.