23 September 2012

Apple Jacks (Tesco Extra) [By @Cinabar]

I live in one of the very few cities that doesn’t have a major branch of Tesco. We have a Tesco Express, but that is about it. In a nearby town (30minute drive) there is what I can only say is a huge branch of Tesco and it is probably the biggest supermarket I have ever been in. As you can imagine this shop fascinates me, and we do go every so often (so Spectre can stock up on beer) and I can re-fill the Foodstuff Finds To Do cupboard.
One of the isles that captures my imagination is the foreign section. Although supermarkets near me have some Polish goodies, this shop takes it to a new extreme. They even have an American import section where you can buy Chocolate Lucky Charms, crazy flavoured poptarts, all the American chocolates you can imagine, tinned pumpkin, cake mixes – the list just goes on. Its also not just American goodies, they have all sorts of things from all over the world. I even managed to pick up bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin, which was imported from Ireland and not usually found in English shops. In summary, the shop is heaven. There will be a number of reviews in the coming weeks as I work my way through my purchases, but first up are these Apple Jacks.
I bought this an individual serving so I could take them to work without having to wash up a bowl afterwards. Yes, I'm that lazy. The pot does get recycled if that makes it any better? The cereal consists of orange and green rings not dissimilar in shape to Cheerios. The colours are bright though, and the orange ones are even speckled with deep red. Although I couldn’t distinguish the flavour between the orange and green, the overall flavour is sweet with a good hint of cinnamon and a subtle apple aftertaste. The flavours were quite warming and the spices mingled well with the apple. My favourite part though was the milk. After I finished the cereal I drank it down and it was fantastic, the cinnamon was a lot stronger and made the milk taste like a wonderful milkshake. I think cinnamon is one of the most undervalued spices in the UK with it only seemingly making an appearance at Christmas. I loved the flavour of these Apple Jacks, and I’ll certainly be back for a proper box. If you are cinnamon fan I can’t recommend these enough.
By cinabar


Hannah The Review Addict said...

We have a huge Tesco Extra near us that has just started selling American foods. it's great that we are finally getting some of these products in the UK, even if they aren't main stream yet!

Anonymous said...


cinabar said...

Hannah - I loved the place - just wanted to buy everything!

Anon - The branch I went to was Tesco Dudley

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that the home of Cadbury's is up the road, Irish Cadbury's is way nicer.

Never have I been so pleased to live in the Midlands. I foresee a trip to Dudley!

cinabar said...

Let me know what you think of Tesco Dudley - I loved the place!! Even has a branch of Costa so you can get a coffee afterwards :-)

Anonymous said...

Bought a few things at tesco but the range is quite limited for now. I still prefer www.usafoodstore.co.uk