14 September 2012

Profanity Stout [By @SpectreUK]

Profanity Stout was micro-brewed by Williams Brothers Brewing Company in Alloa, Scotland. The recipe for this beer first came from two students, Peter and Craig, on a brewing course at Heriot Watt University, in Edinburgh. Williams Brothers decided to brew the beer for their “Chapeau” series (meaning “mark of dignity”, rather than “hat”) to celebrate amateur brewers. Served in a 330ml bottle at 7% volume, its ingredients included malted barley, wheat, oats, hops, yeast, and contained gluten. The label had stated that this beer had an “intensely fruity hoppy aroma”, and I definitely agreed with that statement on opening this beer. I could understand where the name “Profanity Stout” came from; almost black in colour, this beer had a bitey fruitiness that snapped at, rather than tickled the tastebuds. The fruity hops merged perfectly with the malted barley and bitterness from the rich coffee. I could certainly feel the strength of this feisty beer, giving my reckless tastebuds a punch with every brutish moreish mouthful. If you want an aggressive beer with attitude, I swear (pun intended) this beer is for you. It certainly woke me up after a long day at the office!
By Spectre

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