6 September 2012

Bahlsen Choco Sticks (Sainsbury's)

As mentioned we are at the Paralympics at the moment with our little friend Mandeville. To prevent money loss due to overpriced food (which has all been very nice, but still steep) we took snack food in with us.

I decided that I liked Bahlsen stuff enough to try these biscuits out. They are essentially half chocolate biscuits enabling warm weather choc snacking. They do melt together in the pack, which is inconvenient but not a deal-breaker.

On eating they feel like a biscuit variant of Pocky's bread sticks, two distinct experiences combined. The choc is nice, not dark and not quite milky. The biscuit is superb and packs of 6 don't stay open long.

While their fragile, melts nature doesn't suit them to most summer trips I did enjoy them and will recommend them for a variety. More exciting flavours to match their other biscuits would be fun too.


bob said...

I've been passing these by in the supermarket for weeks.
I'm definitely not a fan of 'Hit' biscuits, so these never went into my trolley.
Perhaps, now is the time to finally break down and try them.

cinabar said...

Let me know what you think of them - if you give them a go?