25 September 2012

New Quality Street – Golden Penny [Delicious Toffee Dessert] (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I was first alerted to this new dessert by avid reader David H. He saw the desserts in his local supermarket and chose not to buy tem because they looked to sweet. That might be true for him – but when he told me about them, I couldn’t have been more excited! I have a very sweet tooth.
I have to say that basing a dessert on a sweet from Quality Street is a bit of a new idea. If I have a tin of Quality Streets I tend to leave the Golden Pennys to last, as there isn’t any chocolate on them! However I’m quite into caramel puddings, so can see how this could work in pudding format.
The packaging is covered in the Quality Street purple, and under the card there are two pots. I pulled back the lid of one of them, and found inside a golden colour dessert. It looked rather like a thick caramel sauce, fluffy but certainly not enough to be a mousse. I gave it a try, and the texture was light, cool and just slightly thick. It was super smooth and felt very soothing. The flavour was awesome! It had the perfect golden taste of buttery sweet caramel. It is amazing stuff! If you have tried the Rolo desserts then this is like an intense version of the caramel from there. It is certainly one for the sweet toothed, and by the end of it was reminding me more and more of Caramac. It was rich, but the little pot was the perfect portion size, as the flavour never felt like it was too much. By the end of it my sweet tooth was fully satisfied, and I was left looking forward to the remaining pudding.
By Cinabar


Emma said...

any chance you know if it's veggie or not? Annoyingly the rolo desserts aren't and I've been looking for an alternative for years!

cinabar said...

I can't say for sure - but my guess would be not as it is made by Nestle (same as the Rolo) and the centre has the same consistency of that, so I'm assuming the same recipe... When I get to the big Tesco again I will check properly for you.

Annielou said...

I have just bought a pack of four from Asda. They're soooo...good!!! I too leave the toffee penny til last so wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this. How wrong I was.
The texture is like velvet. Very sweet and satisfying. Could definitely only ever eat one. My children don't like them. So I'm guessing they're more for adults. Which is fine as there's even more for me.

Unknown said...

I to love this dessert from Nestle. I'm now gutted because I cannot find any in the shops, I just got the taste for them and now for what ever reason they've been stopped and replaced with after eight mint desserts instead. I need to find some where else to buy them quickly.

cinabar said...

They have them on Ocado