24 September 2012

FoodStuffFights! Chocolate Creme Oreo Vs Choccie Dodgers

FoodStuffFights! Chocolate Creme Oreo Vs Choccie Dodgers

Two and a half years ago I came up with a great idea for snack articles - FoodStuffFights.  In a nutshell you take one existing product and one new product in the same range (or budget in store versions) and test them together to see if the king has been dethroned.  It was so successful that I decided to try to do it on a larger scale and ended up with 8 different types of custard cremes that I couldn't tell the difference between.  It took months to eat them all - I didn't have the heart to write it up.  I spotted both of these chocolatey chocolate biscuit sandwich snacks both on special offer at the same time and decided now was the time to rekindle the original idea:


I decided that the Oreos had to be the reigning champ - they even have their own review.  Choccie Dodgers are the 'new' to market product that I suspect doesn't copy the Oreo but has a common biscuity ancestor (like us & chimps) - the humble bourbon biscuit.  While both of these are much more complex affairs the similarities of the biscuit and creme with multiple flavours of chocolate is quite definite evidence.

The Oreos have the most interesting texture - they crumble quickly and have a pattern on them which is pleasing to the tongue.  You can easily separate the halves and the biscuit portion tastes identically to the original flavour vanilla creme Oreos. The strong cocoa flavour of the biscuit overpowers the creme inside which is a shame - the vanilla sticks out due to its difference but this just melts into the chocolaty flavour in general.  I do enjoy these, I'd have picked them up from the special offer section without any prompts, but maybe I'd say that the vanilla version is better overall.  These are a good American style bourbon and something I will eat again.

The Choccie Dodgers are a different proposition entirely.  The biscuit is a hard, crunchy kind and really quite morish, its not as strongly flavoured as the Oreo.  I'd say that it's even crisper than the normal Jammie Dodger variety which has a tendency to crumble when eaten.  The jam centre in most versions of this biscuit is just a different flavour, but here it really is a chocolate creme.  This feels like it's cheated the Dodger's brand a little until you bite into the middle and the softness of the creme gives it the same crispy and squidgy feeling of the original.  This is a good hit.  The creme itself is maybe slightly stronger or darker than the biscuit and works better because of it.

It's clear then - the Choccie Dodgers are the new Champions and the title comes back to the UK (if that's where these things are made - I lose track these days)!  These really could become a whole new legitimate brand in the Dodger's range which suffered in the past a bit from continued special editions.  As proof of this I offered around the biscuits at work after talking about them at lunch and the remaining 5 in the packet were vanished by colleagues.  I still have Oreos left - but I think that if I had offered similarly based soley on their mighty reputation these would have gone too.  At the moment I still have half a packet on my desk, for another break-time...


bob said...

I whole-heartedly agree!

Su said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and I think it's great - I especially love these types of comparison reviews. It's interesting to see that the mighty oreo has been bested! I'll have to try the choccie dodgers, I always get annoyed with Jammy dodgers because the jam is too... thick and sticky. Hard to bite through haha.