12 September 2012

Freshers Hellishly Hot Pork Crunch (ASDA) [By @SpectreUK]

This seasoned fried pork rind by Freshers, in Wigan was packaged in a flaming hot 30g bag, which initially caught my eye in the local supermarket. Each 100g has 502 calories, with 26g fat, and a “trace” of sugar. Ingredients included pork rind (of course…), curry powder, spices, red pepper, garlic, dextrose, and sunflower oil, also containing soya and traces of gluten. There was a spicy pork smell on opening the packet. There was a good hearty crunch to the light fluffy Pork Crunches, with a pork curry type taste. There was a bit of a disappointing medium to hot chilli heat to start with, which tingled pleasurably on my tongue, but this heat rapidly built up as I munched and crunched my way through the bag. After about half the bag the chilli heat became pretty uncomfortable, but the good thing about these Pork Crunches was that they kept their full delicious pork and chilli flavour rather than just an uncomfortable red raw burn on the tongue. I really enjoyed these Pork Crunches and would have them again. I don’t know about “Hellishly Hot”, but I certainly had a little devil on my shoulder once I’d finished the bag telling me I should eat some more!
By Spectre

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