30 September 2012

Tesco Juice Bar - Breakfast in a bottle ( by @nli10)

Breakfast used to be all about the cereal or the cooked Full English. Apparently cereal isn't quick enough for modern lifestyles so we have breakfast biscuits and breakfast drinks. Most drinks are essentially smoothies, but this one actually has physical fibre in it too.

While this initially messes with your head as its kind of like a fruit porridge it actually tastes ok. I'm not a nutritionist but I'm guessing they fortified this with the same vitamins and minerals as a cereal. Heck this could be a small portion of muesli pit through the blender! I was surprised by how thick it was and not too put off to not finish the lot. Would I buy one again for elevenses as part of a meal deal? Certainly! Could this replace a good bowl of Kellogg's in the morning? Never!

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