1 October 2012

Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Milk Toffee Crunch (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

So the cold weather is putting in an appearance, and the supermarkets seemed to have gained a seasonal isle which consists of both Halloween and Christmas goodies. This can mean only one thing; the range of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges has suddenly increased too! I’m pretty sure this variety is a re-release from a Limited Edition bar from few years ago, but as it isn’t a flavour I’ve tried before I could resist picking it up.
The packaging isn’t particularly Christmas themed, but it does feel more traditional that other variants. The chocolate orange within the wrapper looks just like the regular milk chocolate one, with no obvious clue to the hidden toffee within. Each piece looks quite smooth.
The flavour was impressive, the addition of the toffee works really well with the milk chocolate and the orange. It creates a sweet well balanced taste that seems to combine all the ingredients nicely. The toffee taste feels a bit like a black treacle toffee, it’s a rich flavour, and its satisfyingly dark. The smooth creamy milk chocolate and the zesty orange set it off wonderfully.
Although you can’t see the toffee bits, they do add well to the texture, and give each piece a lovely crunch. It’s not sticky at all, but you just get nice bits of crispy texture mixed into the orange.
As a chocolate orange fan this won’t be my only purchase of this flavour, but I have to confess to hoping that there are some other new ones coming out for the Christmas period too. In previous years varieties like the popping candy one have been really innovative.
By Cinabar


Diets and Calories said...

I don't think I'll be able to resist picking this up either! Sounds yummy!

bob said...

This would be a classic case of "Hold on to your wallet, lest it start leaking" and they're bound to turn up in one of my local supermarkets, if they haven't already, but for one small detail.
I stopped buying the chocolate orange when production switched to Poland.
I have nothing against Poland. It just sort of irked me that Terry's saw fit to do that.
I still can't bring myself to look too closely at the neck of the Daddie's bottle now, for the same reason.