12 October 2012

Pataks Jalfrezi Sauce [National Curry Week] [By @Cinabar]

In honour of National Curry Week, I though it fitting to write about some curry sauce for tonight’s post. The nice people from Pataks sent the Jalfrezi sauce over to be reviewed, so curry night was on! For the perfect, but remarkably simple to cook curry I have Pataks Jalfrezi sauce, Pataks naan bread, Pataks pappadums, diced chicken, a green pepper, an onion, some dip and a bag of microwavable rice from Sainsbury’s.
As a brief rundown of the recipe, we simply fried the veg and chicken until the everything was cooked, poured over the sauce and stirred. A handy tip to getting every last drop of sauce out of the jar is to add a little water to the mostly empty jar, about a 1 centimetre in the bottom, put the lid back on and shake vigorously. Then pour the liquid back into the pan, you gain a drop of extra water but also all the remaining sauce! That’s my mum’s trick, and it always works really well.

Whilst the sauce was simmering, we warmed the naan in the oven, and just before serving zapped the rice in microwave, it really doesn’t get simpler. Thankfully the food couldn’t look better either!

The Jalfrezi sauce said it could be made as a prawn curry, but for me Jalfrezi has to be chicken. The flavour was very fragrant, with lots of individual spices being notable throughout and the base flavour of tomato shines through. Spice wise it is labelled as a medium, which is about right, there a nice warmth form the chilli as you eat, but it certainly isn’t too hot. For me it’s the perfect spice level with some heat, but all the only flavours are distinguishable and it doesn’t burn your mouth out. The chicken absorbed the spices perfectly too, which really made the curry.
Let me know if you are having a curry night for National Curry Week, and what sauces you’ve tried? Pataks also have a Phaal sauce out which is supposed to be extremely hot – has anyone been brave enough to try it?
By Cinabar


bob said...

Nearly impossible to go wrong with any of Patak's cook-in sauces.
Their hot curry is brilliant for making a quite authentic tasting Bainghan Bartha. (Basically, a vegetarian aubergine dish.)
I'm also a fan of Pasco, but that's probably having to do with it being made in Wigan. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend brought home the Pataks Phaal sauce as it was the hottest one in the range - he loved it but I really suffered! It was one of the hottest things I've ever tasted (I come from an Asian family so that's saying something!) Recommended only for those who can take extreme heat!