29 October 2012

Chocolate Coffin and Halloween Bar - The Chocolate Box (Whitby) [By @cinabar]

This year we had an autumnal trip to Whitby, aka the home of Bram Stoker's Dracula. It’s a beautiful seaside town on the Yorkshire coast, but the influences from Dracula can be spotted about the place. While we were there we naturally had Halloween on our minds and wanted to find something a little bit special for our seasonal reviews.
Not far from the sea stood a sweet little chocolate shop, with a window full of tempting goodies. Naturally we wandered in, and loved looking at all the brilliant moulded chocolate novelties, and of course the Halloween items caught my eye.

We picked up a chocolate coffin and a Halloween bar to try. Both items had the same style of decorations on them which I thought at the time was some sort of sweets. It turned out the dark bat and ghostly gravestone were actually made of really dark chocolate decorated with a hint of black and gold. I love that these decoration were made of such fine quality chocolate, it really added to the overall effect. The base chocolate in both items was thick and sumptuous milk chocolate. It was fairly soft, and had a soothing texture that made it feel like a proper treat. Although there was plenty of cocoa in it, there was a good sweet creamy tone that made it feel a little bit luxury too.
Both items were made of the same chocolates and decorations, but were very smartly put together for the season. When we purchased the milk chocolate coffin we had no idea that lurking inside would be the decals of the white chocolate skeleton, which was a wonderful spooky touch.
The Chocolate Box in Whitby is just one of those shops that makes you smile. If you are going there for Halloween, or indeed at any other time, do remember to check it out. There are some wonderful goodies to fulfil any sweet tooth, and some beautifully moulded chocolates perfect for gifts.
By Cinabar


Saskia said...

I miss Whitby! Is The Chocolate Box is the one with the massive chocolate fountain in the window?

Can't believe it's been over five years since I left

Unknown said...

Its lovely to find a review on something me and my coworkers have made we hand make these for the chocolate box and the coffin is very popular and you are correct the chocolate is high quality