5 October 2012

Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Oh my – more new chocolate from Cadbury, and this bar is a new minty version too. The lady who sold me the bar in W H Smiths said she hadn’t realised it was a new bar at first. The word mint is quite small on the wrapper, when she first saw them she thought that something had gone wrong with the printing or that someone had spilled something on the bars, before she realised that the word Bubbly was intentionally green and that it was a new flavour.
Anyway once I was back at my desk, I unwrapped the bar, and found the pretty bubble shaped chocolate within. It’s a nice looking bar, but the bubble shapes don’t make it easy to share. It doesn’t break very nicely, and the shapes you get are odd and uneven, and the chocolate seems to flake off and make a bit of a mess. Perhaps the solution is simply not to share? ;-)
I did manage to break a chunk off and spotted the addition of a light green crème just under the top of the bubbles. There wasn’t quite as much crème as I thought there’d be, but the flavour balance seems to work well. The mint was a soft flavour, sweet with a good hint of peppermint without being a total menthol overload. The chocolate flavour still shone through and mixed well with the mint making a sweet but refreshing treat.
I like bubbly chocolate, I love the way it melts so pleasingly in the mouth. It’s like it just gives in the second it hits your tongue. I have to say I liked this minty version too, and any addition to the Bubbly or Wispa range will be welcomed by me. In fact if you missed the Mint Wispa of days gone by, this is definitely worth hunting down.
By Cinabar


Georgina said...

How funny, I picked one of these up in the petrol station on my way home from work today. Its delicious!

Melanie said...

That sounds awesome, almost as good as the Milka bubbly caramel bar we have in Germany :)

cinabar said...

Georgina - Glad you liked it too - loving all the new goodies from Cadbury! :-)

Melanie - did you say Milka Bubbly with Caramel?? *drools*

Melanie said...

Yes I did ;D I've just blogged about it...
soooooo delicious