19 October 2012

Pumpkin Doughnut (Greggs) [by @cinabar]

This fiendish doughnut is part if the new Halloween range at Greggs, and is shaped like a traditional jack-o'-lantern. I loved its spooky face, pale orange icing with the dark decals, and was rather looking forward to a pumpkin flavoured treat. Bizarrely though it turns out this doughnut is orange flavoured! Pumpkin is a great autumnal flavour, it works well with mixed spices and sugar or savoury as a soup, but here in the UK we seem to avoid it. It’s a shame really this doughnut could have had the comforting tones of sweetened pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger all creating a proper traditional seasonal treat.
Don’t get me wrong the citrus zest of the orange is nice, and as an orange doughnut it works well. The soft sponge has nice vanilla tones, the icing adds a light orange flavour and the jam in the centre has a good zesty jaffa hit that does taste strong and good. The doughnut also totally looks the part. I just can’t help thinking that Greggs missed an opportunity to bring out something a bit different and special. I think the UK market would actually embrace the flavour of pumpkin, if only somewhere would give it a chance.
By Cinabar

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