24 October 2012

Milkybar Ghost (Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

There was something familiar about this product from Nestle, something I liked instantly as soon as I saw it on the shelf in the shop... I just couldn’t put my finger on it at first, and then of course, it struck me. I do rather like all things spectral, hence my nickname: Spectre. I was very impressed by the photograph that Cinabar concocted for these Milkybar Ghosts. They really do look like they are floating in a spooky fog. Whooo! These Milkybar Ghosts fit right in with my favourite theme: Halloween. I chided myself before unwrapping the metal foil around the white chocolate ghost, as I have to admit that I haven’t eaten a Milkybar for years and years. In fact I can’t remember eating one for such a long time that I simply can’t remember when I ate one last, although that could be my age!? I do remember how much I liked eating Milkybar’s when I was a child, and how much I wanted to be the Milkbar Kid. However, I’m not blond and I don’t wear spectacles. Nowadays whenever I find myself craving chocolate (probably too often, especially if you saw my oversized tummy), I always pick up a bar that is predominantly milk chocolate. Unwrapping the cheerful looking ghost I took in the sumptuous white chocolate odour for a second or more before viciously biting the smiling head off the Milkybar Ghost. Don’t worry; I’m sure he didn’t feel anything, as he was supposed to already be dead! The Milkybar Ghost had a hollow centre and the same milky luxurious white chocolate taste that I remember I used to so enjoy when I was a child. Next time I go into a shop with a chocolate craving, I’ll remember to check for Milkybars as they taste fantastic and they’re not just for kids! Whooo... Boo! Happy Halloween!
By Spectre

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