2 October 2012

Crusha Cherry and Vanilla Milkshake Mixa (@errolandthecru Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

I am a bit of a secret milkshake fan, although I tend to suspect I am a little bit above the target age group. This rarely stops me though, and particularly in summer it’s a favourite choice of drink, usually in fast food restaurants.
I do always keep an eye on the milkshakes for home too, which is why I spotted this new Crusha flavour sitting on the shelf. The packaging is quite bright, so it would have been rather hard to miss! Even with its crazy coloured bottle I found the choice of flavour surprisingly mature, cherry and vanilla. It sounded more like the kind of drink you could offer adult visitors, and not just the younger folk.
I poured the pink liquid into a glass and topped it up with semi-skimmed milk. The bottle suggested some recipes including mixing in ice cream for an indulgent treat, but I was just after trying it straight. My final drink was pale in colour, but with a pleasingly pink tinge to it.
I gave it a sip, and the sweet tones of cherry filled my taste buds, it was gentle and sweet and not too sharp. The flavour then mellowed and the creamy milky taste showed off the vanilla aftertaste perfectly. What a fab drink! It combines the cherry and vanilla flawlessly, with both the fruity tones and the mellow tones both being nicely distinguishable.
So if you fancy a different sort of soft drink, don’t dismiss this new milkshake from Crusha because you would be missing out. I think I’ll be having a glass of this after work, with a couple of Oreos to dunk… ;-)
By Cinabar


Grocery Gems said...

I love these Crusha Mixa's even though I don't drink milk. I add mine to diet coke to make it a cherry vanilla coke. I think I may be alone in this lol! The Vanilla Ice Cream Crusha from last summer was perfect for making vanilla coke :)

krnries said...

That would never have occurred to me in a month of Sundays, Grocery Gems!

My ed loves this flavour - says it's the best evah :)

cinabar said...

Grocery Gems - with coke..? Wow - going to have to try that!!!

Krnries - your ED is of course right... I'm on my second bottle ;-)