16 October 2012

Lyons Coffee Bags [Smooth All-Day Coffee] (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Apparently the idea of this product is a bit of an old one, and it used to be a classic product from Lyons. I have never seen them before, but when as I heard the brand was having a bit of a re-launch I searched them out and picked up a box.
Sometimes you just want a quick and easy fresh coffee hit. It’s not always that simple, particularly if you are at work and are limited to a kettle and a mug. Lyons Coffee bags are essentially tea bags for coffee. Inside the box the bags are individually wrapped for freshness, this did make them a bit fiddly to open as a firm rip could easily tear the bag within. Once the outer layer is open there is a fab coffee aroma released. The coffee bags may be like a tea bag in principle, but they are a lot bigger, mine needed slightly folding in order to fit into my mug.
Once in the mug I poured on boiling water, which released again released a lovely dark aroma. I allowed the coffee bag to brew for 4minutes before removing it and adding the milk. It was a very simple, clean and easy process to make the coffee, but the flavour was remarkably good. It is a drink that is far superior to any instant coffee I’ve tried. The flavour was fresh, full bodied but with a nice mellow finish and no bitterness. It made a very quick hassle free tasty cup. There was no messy cafetiere to clean, and no special coffee making equipment required, just fast good tasting coffee. I think I might be buying a box of these to take to work, as the idea is absolute genius and so simple to make.
Also as Lyons is having a bit of a re-launch, it seems there are lots of excellent goodies on the way back from the brand. Keep an eye out for Toffypops and various scrummy cakes too! Do let me know what you try.
By Cinabar


paulham said...

I have used these for years. So much better than instant coffee if you don't have access to filter equipment.

I find the aroma akin to cigars when you open the pouch!

Unknown said...


NLi10 said...

As a non-coffee drinker these would be amazing for parental visits!

bob said...

I'd thought Lyons was still quite popular in Eire.

Same situation with my Dad's visits NLi10. I shun Coffee like the plague and my Dad has no stomach for the double-strength Tea I brew.