30 October 2012

Mr Kipling’s Frankenstein Fancies (Waitrose @mrs_kipling) [By @cinabar]

Mr Kipling’s French Fancies are a classic cake treat, and in previous years they had a Halloween makeover, becoming Mr Kipling’s Fiendish Fancies. This year I am happy to announce that the transformation continues, and we have Mr Kipling Frankenstein Fancies. Last year the spooky makeover only went as far as packaging and icing colour, and that appears the same this year, but swapping from orange to green.
I thought that the cakes did look lovely in the box, the green Fancies had lines of chocolate icing and even spooky shapes on the paper cases. I don’t want to say anything bad about these, because they were delicious; it’s just that they were pretty much identical to the regular French Fancies in flavour. The sponge was lovely and golden, the fondant icing soft and sweet and the crème adding a creamy dollop on top of each cake. Perhaps next year Mr Kipling will venture one step further and add a seasonal flavour too. Fingers crossed for a pumpkin edition!
By Cinabar

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