10 October 2012

Wonka – Squishy Sploshberries Gummies [By @SpectreUK]

These Squishy Sploshberries Gummies were made in the Czech Republic with 25% “real” fruit juice, as opposed to juice from fantasy Wonka fruits. Although I could think of a few fantasy fruits, such as the blobbish brown foul smelling Blastberry and the rock hard Papplegranite, which is harder to squeeze juice out of than blood from a stone! Anyway, I digress, served in a 155.9g bag these Sploshberries have 370 calories per 100g, with 60g sugar (no surprises there…) and 0g fat. The 25% real fruit juice was strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and apple. There were four different gum flavours, each with a different berry shape, all of which had an orange tinted colour with a red squishy inner and a white foam bottom. The Cloudberry gum had a sweet strawberry and apple flavour. The Raspberry gum had a mild raspberry and blackberry flavour. The Blueberry gum had a gentle blueberry and blackberry flavour. Finally the Goji berry gum had a juicy apple and raspberry flavour. All of these Sploshberries had a lovely natural sweet flavour, which were moreish to the extreme, and before I knew it, the whole bag of Squishy Sploshberries had disappeared into my tummy. The problem is that if I eat too many of these sweets I’ll end up the size of Violet Beauregarde when she eats Wonka’s chewing gum in the film. Moderation is what counts with sweets, rather than ending up the size of a great big blueberry! ;-)
By Spectre

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