9 October 2012

Maltesers Malty Hot Chocolate Drink [By @Cinabar]

As the cold weather is drawing in it seems that hot chocolate season is upon us. I actually like a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night, but I am a little fussy to be fair. I think essentially my taste buds want a mug of liquidised chocolate that is so easy to prepare that magically all you do is add hot water. I have to say I have been a bit frustrated by a number of hot chocolate on the market, so if you have a favourite send me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll check them out.
One thing that does seem to work very well are the malted drinks, as these add an extra depth of flavour for my taste buds. Maltesers have recently re-launced its hot drink in a new eco pack, and with an improved taste that is both lighter and frothier. The new packaging uses less plastic, and can either be poured into your own container, or left it in the bag (which has a handy re-sealable strip inside). Interestingly this drink can also be made using either hot milk or water, depending on your level of indulgence versus convenience. I went for hot water, to try the simplest methodology.
I put four heaped teaspoons into my mug, topped it up with hot water from the kettle. It smelt lightly chocolaty as I stirred, and the powder seemed to mix up really easily. There was a little bit of froth on top when I had finished stirring making it look very appealing. I added a little cool milk for taste and to help it cool, before giving it a try.
The flavour was sweet, chocolaty but mellow. The maltiness makes the drink, giving a depth of flavour and soothing finish. It captured the flavour of Maltesers perfectly, and was rather like having a mug of them liquidised with cream. I was surprised by the indulgent nature even when made up with water, and now can’t wait to try it with hot milk and maybe even an extra spoon of powder just too really pander to my sweet tooth and to combat winter.
By Cinabar


Hannah The Review Addict said...

Thanks for posting this, my hubby will love these! I've got a bit of a milk phobia (don't ask) so I usually stay clear of hot chocolate but if it's nice made with water I may even give it a go myself!

bob said...

I've loved Horelicks since I was an infant. (Stop larfin'!)
Maltesers are one of my favourite sweets, though, so I'd definitely give this a try.
Sounds like it would be great mixed into ice cream for a milkshake as well.

cinabar said...

Hannah - milk phobia? Well I dare say these contain powdered milk - are you okay with that? Let me know what you or your hubby think of the drink.

Bob - Oh my - you've given me an idea... this mixed in with the angel delight instant ice cream and a bag full of maltesers too for good measure - mmmm. PS like your new pic ;-)