17 October 2012

Cocori - Korean Spicy Cuttlefish Flavour (Pinoy Foods, Birmingham Indoor Market) [By @SpectreUK]

Manufactured by the SPR Food Industry, in Thailand, these Spicy Cuttlefish Flavoured rice corn snacks were shaped in the fashion of crispy balls. Their ingredients included; rice (36%), corn (32%), Sugar (20%), Seasoning (6%), Cuttlefish (4%), Seaweed (1%), Salt (0.8%) and Spice (0.2%). On opening the bag there was an overpowering smell of fish, and something else... like stinky feet! Believe me, if fish had feet, they would smell like these rice corn snacks. With somewhat dulled enthusiasm I popped one of the spherical stinky fishy feet balls in my mouth. It had a good crunch with a serious fishy kick to start with that made me immediately say “Oh, yuck!” This taste was quickly followed by a dry corn flavour, then a second later back to fish and ending on a mega hot spice that almost forced steam out of ears! Even after my initial reaction I strangely wanted to try another to see if the same series of tastes would be repeated, and in fact it was. The following rice corn snack had the same morbidly moreish aspect. It was then that I noticed my nose was running from the heat and my mouth and tongue were on fire. After a glass of water and Cinabar trying to convince me to eat something else, I managed to finish the packet, firstly because I was too afraid to stop eating these Spicy Cuttlefish rice corn bombs, and secondly because I had become fascinated by how bad / good these strange snacks tasted. I was even a little disappointed when I finished the packet, although mostly relieved. I don’t think I’ll buy these Korean Spicy Cuttlefish Flavoured rice corn snacks again, but I did enjoy them in a rather odd masochistic way. These snacks also seemed to complement the crazy Predators movie that I was watching at the time of munching, and believe me; I could have probably knocked out a Predator just with my breath after eating them!
By Spectre

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bob said...

Oh dear! I don't think I'll be trying these anytime soon.
The review had me laughing my way to tears, though, which probably means I had the vicarious 'joy' of this snack.
Methinks I'll be staying with Balti mix.