14 October 2012

Cute Chocolate Animals - Chocolate Gourmet Shrewsbury (by @NLi10)

Cute Chocolate Animals - Chocolate Gourmet Shrewsbury (by @NLi10)

Ah chocolate.  Loved by millions, and only merely liked by me!  For someone who spends a lot of time thinking and writing about chocolate i'm really not the biggest fan of just normal chocolate by itself.  Because of this need to only eat a small amount to be happy I can safely seek out places like Chocolate Gourmet in Shrewsbury and come out with a little bag of indulgence and feel like it will last me for ages.

The shop itself looks quite unassuming and fairly small (hidden by scaffolding here, but I wanted to try to capture the Englishness of the area anyway) but is packed full of goodies.  The smell alone when wandering in is amazing.  For those that don't live near they also have a website.

After visiting last week I picked up a bar of FYI chocolate and reviewed it, but at the same time picked up some of their chocolate animals.  I'm not sure whether these are made by them, but I couldn't decide on the truffles so went for the childish option!

I was going to take pictures of me systematically devouring these, but they don't change much once you bite them so it seemed excessive.

Pig:  The flavour on this pink chocolate isn't that strong - maybe slightly flavoured from white choc but that could be psychological. I was hoping for a big kick of fruit like the old Thornton's pig lolly had, but this was nice but disappointing.

Sheep:  Trying to eat in order of increasing strength of flavour I went for the big white sheep next.  The white choc is creamier than the Pig was and like a very deluxe Milky Bar (Milky Baa?).  The detail is strong dark chocolate which gets a thumbs up from me.  This was overpowering compared to the white choc, but both flavours were noticeable on the bites that contained both.  Enjoyable.

Rabbit:  The Easter favourite is here a milk-chocolate with a touch of dark and a touch of white.  Again the balance of the flavours is good, and the milk choc has a noticeable flavour unlike cheaper variations.

Horse:  Similar to Rabbit but without the white

Cow: Like a big mixed up Rabbit

Owl:  Thought this may have a centre, but it's just a milk choc lump with a dark choc layer on top.  This isn't a complaint, I quite liked this one!

Hedgehog:  The most different of of the coverings - this one has choc hundreds and thousands on top of a milk chocolate lump.  This gave it a nicer texture (I think the bland texture of just chocolate is one of the reasons I'd rather have a Bounty or a Twix) and mad it a suitable exciting finale.

Looking on the site I see similar chocs but with much more exciting fillings.  This would be a pain as I'd have to go back to Shrewsbury but as there is a shop in Worcester too this can be used as an excuse for a day out.

Overall I enjoyed the chocolates.  I think I'd buy more owl and sheep (and maybe cow) if I was picking  these up again.


Annearky said...

Quote of the day award;

"cow : like a big mixed up rabbit"

Not sending you out for a pint of milk!

cinabar said...

Excellent spot :-D

Rich Anderson said...

It's very hard to get a full pint.