29 October 2012

McVities Spooky Cake Bars (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

There are a series of additional mini posts this week, just to help us cram in extra details of some of the fab Halloween goodies we’ve seen. First up are Spooky Cake bars from McVities. The cakes came in a multipack, and I thought at first that they wouldn’t be that exciting, but how wrong was I?
The rolls are blackcurrant flavoured, and have a chocolate coating. The sponge was a seasonal purple in colour and the jam above was a darker shade. What’s amazing about these is the flavour. The jam section was really strong. The blackcurrant was zingy and zesty to the max, it delivered a super sour blackcurrant hit. The sweet chocolate coating helped mellow it and added contrast to the flavour, but didn’t spoil the tang.
These are just a bit wow. The sponge colouring may be novelty, but the flavour creates a perfect blackcurrant zingy treat. If you like blackcurrant, you really need to hunt these down!
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

I really will have to get me some of these. Blackcurrant in a cake bar? That IS a good idea and if it's got seal of approval... mmmm