20 October 2012

Cadbury Crunchy Spiders (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Cadbury’s have always been a favourite brand of mine. I generally home in on one of their bars on the shop shelf when I have the odd chocolate craving. I was admittedly very worried when Kraft Foods took over Cadburys fairly recently. There were plenty of horror stories bandied around that Kraft would minimise Cadbury’s product line and eventually close them down altogether. So I have not only been very impressed by the amount of innovation and diversity of new products that have come out of the takeover, but also rather relieved.

These Cadbury’s Crunchy Spiders were another innovation for the Halloween confectionery market. The milk chocolate piece was shaped like a spider’s furry abdomen and was crammed with green crisped rice balls coloured with stinging nettle and spinach, but don’t worry as there was no taste transference from either ingredient. These Crunchy Spiders were both crunchy and very tasty indeed with lashings of Cadbury’s finest milk chocolate. I expect the stinging nettles were harvested from Birmingham city’s many miles of canal towpaths and the spinach was stolen from Popeye’s shack whilst he was out fishing one day? Okay, most probably neither, but I kind of like the imagery of a Cadbury’s employee feigning a chocolate delivery to keep Olive Oyl busy at the front door whilst another dodges in through the back door to pinch the spinach cans. For Halloween further imagery would have a Cadbury’s chocolate haunted house infested with Cadbury’s Crunchy Spiders, running up the chocolate walls, underneath the chocolate floor boards and creeping into chocolate beds to frighten the people sleeping there before being devoured themselves. After all, that’s what’s Cadbury’s chocolate has always been for; to be devoured and enjoyed by one and all. So happy Halloween and happy spidery chocolate crunching!
By Spectre

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