11 October 2012

Ribena Plus Immunity Support - Blackcurrant (by @NLi10)

Ribena Plus Immunity Support - Blackcurrant (by @NLi10)

After steadfastly trying to stick to normal, non-drinkable snacks I decided that I had to say a few words about this before I finish it all.  Essentially it's the Ribena Plus  that Cinabar reviewed, but it now is available as a cordial and has an immunity support tag line.

Support is a good choice of words if you wish to avoid that nasty thing scientific proof, just like how all the bacteria drink adverts (including Yakult) now have much vaguer claims and rely on the fact that you have seen previous real science and hopefully confuse the two.  A drink that contains vitamins (a few of which are naturally occurring, the rest of which are added during manufacture) is no bad thing - but a natural source that takes longer for the body to process is better.

The drink itself is almost like a mild barley version of the traditional Ribena that children have been craving for decades.  I like it - it's less powerfully sweet while still hitting the right spot.  It's happily been my post dinner drink of choice for a few days and the other exciting cordials I have are patiently waiting for me to finish this.

As a Public Health trained quasi-professional I do worry about sticking meaningless health claims on products, but this is frankly better for kids than most fizzy pop style drinks.  Also it doesn't hurt to drink a bit more liquids and vitamins are great for those that aren't eating their 5 or 7 or 9 portions fruit and veg a day (the governments of each nation chose the number based on what was realistic for their target populations - the real figure you should be eating is as many different kinds as possible!).  This is a nice drink, and if the regular version and the immunity support versions are the same price then you might as well have this.  I suspect once the special offers die down that regular Ribena and an orange may actually be the same price and support your immunity more.

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