7 October 2012

FYI Feeding Your Imagination - 'Sensual' Therapeutic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate (by @NLi10)

FYI Feeding Your Imagination - 'Sensual' Therapeutic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate (Chocolate Gourmet - Shrewsbury) by @NLi10

The last FYI product I revieved started off with me trying small bits and had me polishing off the jar quicker than I'd ever expected.  I told myself when I spotted more that I would pick some up.  Wishing to at least buy a little something from Chocolate Gourmet on a recent visit to Shrewsbury I decided to pick up a bar of their chocolate (and then got tempted into more - but that's another review).

The packaging is similar to the fruit flavour Cinabar tried

And the bar inside is plain and understated.

The flavour starts with nice oranges and chocolate - mmm.  Then the chilli kicks in, and it builds to a massive crechendo.  This is bordering on the edge of uncomfortableness when it subsides and leaves a nice warm tingle in the mouth.  If you aren't a fan of the chilli heat then this certainly isn't for you.  If you want to eat a whole 100g bar of chocolate in a sitting and not spontaneously combust this also isn't for you.

I didn't need a cooling drink afterwards but felt that a few cubes at a time was certainly the best way to enjoy this.  It's going to work to liven up the encroaching winter evenings, certainly not that sensual but the warmth and exciting flavours will be very much appreciated.

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