23 October 2012

Cadbury Screme Egg Minis (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I have no hesitation in admitting I love Creme Eggs. I always used to get excited at the beginning of the New Year trying to find them on sale. The last few years we have seen Screme Eggs appear and increase in availability at Halloween. This is a good thing, any excuse for effectively bringing out Creme Eggs early is a positive move. This year has seen another (spin off) a new product, Mini Screme Eggs!
Now I’m not got to pretend that there is anything very different here to the usual Mini Creme Eggs you can buy at Easter, except for the packaging and the yolk. As with the regular sized Screme Eggs the yolk is a ghoulish green in colour, but there is no messing with the flavour. I actually like the proportion of the mini eggs as there is a fair amount of chocolate in relation to the filling. They are easy to munch on, but picking the tightly wrapped foil off each one ensures that you can’t scoff lots, unless you prepared! The other thing is as they are small the answer to the inevitable question “How Do You Eat Yours?” is simple – whole! I also think these would be ideal to add to the cauldron for the Trick or Treaters, but keep your fingers crossed that they don’t all disappear!
By cinabar

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