30 October 2012

Pom-Bear Pickled Onion [Halloween Pack] (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Having been recently introduced to the wonders of Pom-Bear crisps I have been hungrily eating up any new and interesting flavours I can get me paws on. I was pleased to see that Pom-Bear has a new variety out for the spooky season. The multipacks of these crisps were all round the tills at Waitrose promoting the special Halloween theming, so obviously I picked up a couple of multipacks to try out. I like the fact that Pom-Bear crisps aren’t too high in calories either, and this new flavour comes in at under 100 calories per bag, so it’s perfect for lunch boxes.
The packaging is perfect for Halloween, with a smart dark purple and green background adorned with witches, bats and other appropriate characters. Even Pom-Bear himself is sporting vampire teeth on the picture on the bag! The bears inside are a different story and are the usual cute Pom-Bear shape without any ghostly additions at all. It would have been nice if there was the odd potato shaped ghostly figure thrown in, or even bears wearing witches hats.
I’m also not sure how ‘pickled onion’ fits into the Halloween theme as a flavour, but don’t let that put you off as they are super tasty. I love the light crunch, the texture makes them very moreish, and it’s crispy but still fluffy so they dissolve really easily. The flavour has a good sour twang of vinegar, followed by a rich onion taste and a hint of salt. The flavour is just right with these, well balanced, full but not overpowering. They certainly recreated the pickled onion flavour well, with the sharpness from the vinegar. They make a good alternative to cheese and onion and are a flavour I’d like to see maintained by Pom-Bear. They are a bit different and they could easily get away with releasing the variety throughout the year. As it is, I may have to stock up after Halloween when these hopefully go on special offer!
By Cinabar

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paulham said...

Tried these last week.

Nice but not enough pickled onion flavour for me.

Probably due to the fact they are made for children!

Mind you, so are KP Space Raiders.