31 October 2012

Spooky Dip (Swizzels Matlow) [By @SpectreUK]

This Spooky Dip was produced by Swizzels Matlow, in Derby. I loved the images of the freaky monsters on the packaging and the frightening photograph Swizzels Matlow took for us. They also sent us a large sweet tub for Trick or Treaters (see the photograph below) and some Scooby sweets. There are three terrifying sherbet flavours (okay, so I’m trying to scare it up a little...), and a tongue colour changing blackcurrant flavoured Swizzelstick. The first flavour I tried was Orange flavour, which was a lovely sour orange flavour. I was surprised at how the blackcurrant Swizzelstick added to the taste, but was gentle enough not to overpower the sherbet, which I thought was a good idea. Blackcurrant can be an overpowering flavour, especially in sweets, so I had been a little worried to start with. The next flavour I tried was Strawberry sherbet dip. This had a sour strawberry lace flavour which was as tongue twisty as it was refreshing. I had a moment’s apprehension regarding the Mixed Fruit sherbet dip, as I was fully expecting an overpowering cherry explosion when I tore open the top of the compartment. I was surprised to see an orange coloured sherbet dip. It tasted like sour tropical fruits, with a definite pineapple flavour mixed with mango and other fruits. Thankfully no cherry! I enjoyed this mixed tropical fruits the most out of all the three delicious sour flavours. I even had a black tongue after munching down the remainder of the Swizzelstick. I do hope Swizzels Matlow keep these flavours in their sherbet dips, as it would be a shame to have them just for Halloween!
By Spectre

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