26 October 2012

Penn State Limited Edition Pretzels – Devil’s Flame Roasted Chipotle Chilli (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

Oh gosh the Halloween treats this year have even made it to pretzels! I have a bit of a weakness for novelty products, so I am lapping up Halloween right now, and these pretzels are something a bit different. Although the flavour is a decent tie in for the season, devil’s chilli, Penn State have gone one stage further and shaped their finest pretzels in the shape of seasonal spider’s webs.
Have you seen how fab these look? Once poured out they do really look the part. I could imagine that these would be ideal party nibbles, or poured to into a big bowl to share while watching a scary movie, depending on how you spend your Halloween. Spectre has lined up a viewing of the film The Fog for us, hope it’s good and suitably creepy.
The pretzels themselves have a good texture and a moreish crunch. The flavour is quite different from what I was expecting, as they didn’t have a killer heat to them. I thought from the warning of it being Devil’s Chilli that it was going to set my mouth on fire, but the flavour wasn’t that scary at all. The chilli is mild, with a gentle tang of heat, but nothing off putting. They are however quite flavoursome and the base flavour of the spices is quite well developed. The stand out taste is pepper and plenty of seasonings but not too much heat.
They are however a good seasonal treat, that’ll go down well on the night. Everyone will love the shape too, I wonder if they’ll bring out Christmas trees when the time comes?
By Cinabar

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Hannah The Review Addict said...

I love Penn State Pretzels but I love your photo even more! Brilliant!