28 October 2012

The Gobstopper - Halloween Sweeties (by @NLi10)

The Gobstopper - Halloween Sweeties (by @NLi10)

Funky new sweet website 'The Gobstopper' sent me an e-mail asking if I'd like some sweets to review (YES!) and what I would like.  I suggested that they send some Halloween surprises and this is what I got!

What a little box of loveliness this is!  Putting them out on the table means you can get a better look at everything.  

Right at the front left we have Atomic Fireblast. I've had the Ferrara Pan super sour candy before and that is a test of endurance in a little green box (my boss once decided to have one off my desk and regretted it) but one that brightens up the afternoon.  This is a little yellow box of cinnamon flavoured misery!  It starts hot, goes quite nice in the middle and then burns up again towards the centre.  I didn't enjoy it.  This leaves a whole selection of these for the trick-or-treaters and for people at work.  Teenagers seem to like eating these on YouTube and making bad videos... Not for me.

Next up was the Fizz Wis super loud popping candy.  I wasn't allowed this as a child as my mom had read somewhere that it caused all kinds of maladies. I'm presuming this was not true.  This tastes pretty good, and is much more of a Treat than the Trick that the hot sweets were.  I will happily finish all this off, but in the spirit of the season shall donate to the younger Trick or Treaters that appear at the door.  One side note though is I had to stop eating it in front of Ms. NLi10 as it was freaking her out and caused her to try to leave the room.  Also - swallowing it doesn't stop the sound - it just moves further down - an odd sensation indeed.  Liked this a lot.

Next up we have the odd bag of what I first presumed to be toffees and then on opening was horified to discover it may be liquorice which I hate!  Fortunately I had a hunt on the website and found it was treacle toffee - a horribly deformed and burnt smelling oddity which they assure me tastes seasonal and isn't repulsive.  And they were right! After sampling the tiniest of bits to check for stealth-licourice I shoved a whole one in and enjoyed it to the end.  This is more of an adult thing than something kids would enjoy so I think that I may take these into work and may share them, and may not.

The big round intimidating thing in the background of the photo is a monster-gobstopper which would be perfect for shoving int the mouth of some undead horror before running away screaming.  I however do not have a flip-top head, and am at a loss on how to eat this without just hitting it with a hammer.  As a monster sized gobstopper is probably a once in a lifetime thing I've decided not to lick it just yet and to think about it.  I may donate it to one of our junior reviewers...

Overall I like the site, the parcel came fast and full of the pretend packing straw that works so well.  I think I possibly should have been more greedy and named things I wanted off the site, but if you look at the A-Z of sweets then I'm sure you'll see the same as me - loads of things that you just don't bump into anymore that cry out to be nommed.  I recommend any Halloween orders are placed pretty sharpish though as noon-monday is their deadline!

Review update:

As predicted I finally got a picture of the cat in the hamper from last week.

I think she's sailing off somewhere tropical, slightly transfixed by the fireplace...

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