26 September 2012

Masham Glory (Tesco) [By @spectreUK]

Masham Glory was produced by Theakston Brewery, in Masham, North Yorkshire, which was established in 1827. I have every respect for the Theakston Brewery as they brew one of my favourite all time ales, which is Old Peculier. Masham Glory was 4.7% in volume and served in a 500ml bottle. This beer’s ingredients contained wheat and included; British barley, English hops, raisin, yeast, cinnamon and water from the Yorkshire Dales. On opening this beer there was an aroma of barley mixed with a strong fruity raisin almost liquor like smell and a suggestion of cinnamon. The fruitiness disappeared almost immediately on first taste and was replaced by a heavy bitter citrus pale ale flavour with a hint of cinnamon to finish. There was a bitter malt and hoppy aftertaste with further citrus undertones. Although this auburn coloured beer was very fresh and fruity smelling, Masham Glory had a citrus dryness to its bitter hoppy taste that had a late summer harvest feel to it with an expectancy of the chills of autumn. I’d certainly enjoy this beer again anytime, on its own or with a fishy meal to compliment its hoppy citrus qualities or, if I’m lucky with its nod to pale ale; bangers and mash with gravy.
By Spectre

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